What Is HashParade?

HashParade combines your Facebook and Twitter content into a single stream and presents it on an HDTV inside of your business. We help you develop creative rewards for your customers when they share your custom hashtags.


  • Highly effective way to generate social buzz
  • Create awareness for your brand and products
  • Key social metrics and indicators about your customers
  • Reward loyalty and the interest in sharing the strong customer experience with friends, family and peers.

What We Do For a Businesses Patrons
  • Social Engagement: Consumers get instant recognition for sharing content when they see their posts appear on the HashParade display.
  • Gamification: Competition is a proven motivator. Consumers can earn points, visible on the display, and redeem them for custom rewards from the merchant. For example, the consumers with the top 10 point totals might get a free dessert with every visit. This uses a low cost product to create competition between consumers. It can drive consumers to choose this location over a different one, just so they can increase their point totals.

Hey there delicious mates and matessesses!
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